3 Out High/Low Motion Offense Playbook

3 Out Motion – “Marquette Motion Offense”

Coach Lois Heeren, U of Wisconsin-La Crosse Women

Version of Bill Self’s Kansas 3 Out 2 In Motion Offense

What is a 3 out motion offense? Coach Erick Blasing breaks down a popular version of this offense made popular by Bill Self at Kansas. Coach Louis Heeren of the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Women’s team has designed her own version of the offense. Included below are the diagrams for this 3 Out Offense if you want to download them.

Every coach will put their own twist and ownership on motion offense. Coach Lois Heeren of University of Wisconsin- La Crosse Women’s Basketball has titled her motion offense, Marquette. However, the offense is derived from the 3 out motion offense that Bill Self runs at Kansas.

Kansas was again back at the top of the Big XII this season and made another deep NCAA run. While the faces have changed and Coach Self has gained more recognition with the Jayhawks, one thing has not changed; the success of the Jayhawk 3 Out motion offense.  The ability to space the floor with a constant ball side triangle, good offensive rebounding positions, and great pin and skip opportunities continually makes Kansas the team to beat in the Big XII.

Coach Lois Heeren utilized this offense several seasons at UW-La Crosse and saw great team success. The 2015-16 campaign marked the 17th season and final season at the helm for Coach Heeren. In 2011, Coach Heeren led the Eagles to a 20-8 record and an at-large bid in the NCAA DIII tournament, the first appearance for the Eagles since the 1987-88 season. In 2011, Coach Heeren picked up her 200th career coaching victory and in 2015 she earned her 200th victory as coach of the Eagles. Heeren, who stepped down from her coaching duties following the 2015-2016 season finished as the winningest of 14th Head Coaches in the program’s history with 209 victories. UW-La Crosse had posted winning seasons in 6 of the past 10 years. Coach Heeren also sits at 9th in career victories throughout the history of the Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Conference.

From Greene, Iowa, Coach Heeren graduated from Truman State University and received her masters from the University of Iowa. Coach Heeren’s stops as an assistant coach include stops at NCAA DI Southwest Texas State, the United States Air Force Academy, and DIII UW-River Falls. Her Head Coaching resume includes NCAA DII Truman State University and DIII St. Mary’s University (Winona, MN).

The 3 Out Motion that Coach Heeren runs has been a staple for Coach Self and the Kansas Jayhawks. The Jayhawks reached the #1 ranking during the 2015-2016 season and earned a #1 seed in the NCAA tournament before falling to eventual National Champion Villanova in the Elite Eight.  Kansas is currently riding an 12 year regular season conference championship streak. The Jayhawks finished their season at 33-5 overall and 15-3 in conference. Coach Self following the 15-16 season holds a career record of 385-83 with the Jayhawks.

Hopefully this 3 out Motion offense will allow you to get some solid hi/low opportunities as well as great ball reversals. Good luck the rest of the way!

Download Below:

UW-L/Bill Self Kansas 3 Out Motion


Bill Self 1-4 Low BLOB Options

Bill Self 1-4 Low BLOB Options

This article was originally featured on Coach Kosel’s website:

Here are 7 baseline out-of-bounds options out of a 1-4 low formation from Coach Bill Self. In the 1-4 low, Coach Self likes to put his long post man at the 5 spot to catch the inbounds pass. Usually the point guard passes the ball in. The 4 man is in the ball-side corner and the 3 man is in the opposite corner. Players like Jeff Withey and Joel Embiid were very effective at the five spot as they were able to hold the defender off and catch the lob pass with a long reach.

Bill Self 1-4 Low BLOB Options – Option 1


5 catches the lob pass from 1. As 2 is popping up to the elbow, 5 drives past his defender for the score.

Bill Self 1-4 Low BLOB Options – Option 2


5 catches the lob pass and passes to 2. 2 looks for a shot or to attack the basket.

Bill Self 1-4 Low BLOB Options – Option 3


If 2’s defender is over-playing the cut to the elbow, 2 makes a back cut as 5 makes the pass for a lay-up.

Bill Self 1-4 Low BLOB Options – Option 4

option4 option4a

In this option, 5 catches the ball at the elbow as 2 makes the back cut. If 2 isn’t open, 1 loops around 5 as 5 gives the ball to 1 on a dribble hand-off. 1 looks for a shot or can pass to 3 in the corner or to 2 cutting off of a double screen from 4 and 5.

Bill Self 1-4 Low BLOB Options – Option 5

option5 option5a

In option 5, 5 passes to 2 as 1 steps inbounds and sets a flex screen for 4. 1 then sets a back-screen for 5 who cuts to the basket for the lob pass.

Bill Self 1-4 Low BLOB Options – Option 6

option6 option6a

Instead of making the back-cut off of the screen from 1, 5 sets a down screen for 1 who cuts to the elbow for a shot.

Bill Self 1-4 Low BLOB Options – Option 7


In the last option, 1 steps inbounds and cuts to the wing off of a double screen from 4 and 5. 2 passes to 1 for the shot.

Click here to download the PDF! Bill Self 1-4 Low BLOB Options