Man to man defense requires each player to defend one player on the other team. This is a key skill for coaches because matchups can determine an advantage or disadvantage depending on the speed or athleticism of the players. This defense can be a sagging defense like a packline defense or a pressure defense.

Princeton Offense Philosophy: 11 Rules

Princeton Offense Philosophy: 11 Basic Rules

Basic Philosophy of Play

  1. If you can pass, dribble, and shoot well, you will always dictate to the defense what they do. If you can’t and are not fundamentally sound, they will dictate what you do.

  2. You must be able to dribble, pass and shoot, screen and cut – ON THE MOVE UNDER PRESSURE. The quality of your passing determines the quality of your shots! You must dribble with a purpose and the other four players must read the dribbler.

  3. Think change of direction–think five players high. Five players must work together.

  4. There is a counter for everything the defense does. Do the opposite of what the defense is doing. Must read the defense–are they playing hard or soft–any denial cut backdoor.

  5. Think layups and three point shots in that order.

  6. Don’t run to the ball!

  7. Hit the cutter with a bounce pass (it is OK to use one hand passes). The offense is about hypnotic cuts, passes and handoffs. Timing and cutting are essential to establishing flow and success for the offense.

  8. The Princeton Offense is more about cutting than screening. Move to open spaces. When you screen don’t just screen-screen- and read each situation.

  9. CUT CREDIBLY -look for the ball where you are coming open–then get back outside to perimeter as quickly as possible.

  10. STAND JUDICIOUSLY – Float to open spot and occupy your man. Have fingers up and butt down, think ball in air feet in air .

  11. Five players must work together. UNSELFISHNESS is more important than brains–must couple this with discipline.

One example of the Princeton Offense is the Chin Set. The set starts out in a 2 guard set and there are options for easy scoring opportunities or 3 point shots.


Chin Set Video Breakdown