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Blog Post Ideas

Basketball Defensive System
Basketball Drills
Basketball Man Defense
Basketball Motion Offense
Basketball Offense
Basketball Practice Planning
Offensive Basketball Plays


  • Fundamental Precepts of Offensive Basketball
  • Motion Offense Principles
  • Bob Hurley:Motion Offense
  • 3-2 Motion Offense
  • 4-Out, 1-In Motion Offense
  • Notes on the Dribble-Drive Motion Offense
  • Dribble-Drive Motion Offense – More!
  • Read and React Offense
  • 3-Out Read and React Offense
  • Triangle Offense
  • High Low Triangle Offense
  • Pete Carril’s Princeton Offense
  • Princeton Offense
  • Princeton Offense Plays
  • Pick and Roll Offense
  • Fred Hoiberg’s Early Offense
  • John Wooden’s UCLA Offense
  • Wisconsin Swing Offense
  • West Coast 1-4 Stack Offense
  • Michigan-Style 2-Guard Offense
  • Hawk Offense
  • Horns Offense – A-Set Offense
  • 2-3 High Patterned Offense
  • 2-3 Offense
  • Blocker Mover Offense
  • T-Game Triple-Post Offense
  • Grinnell Offense
  • 2-1-2 High-Post Offense
  • 1-3-1 Offense
  • Open Post Double-Up Offense
  • Open Post (5-Out) Motion Offense
  • Shuffle Offense
  • Youth Swing Offense
  • Thunder Offense
  • Flex Offense
  • 4-Corners Delay Offense
  • Delay/Spread Offense

Zone Offense

  • Basics of Zone Offense
  • Screening the Zone
  • Anchors Zone Offense
  • Dribble-Drive Zone Offense
  • Attacking the 2-3 (or 2-1-2) Zone
  • Simple, Easy 2-3 Zone Attack
  • 2-3 Zone Offense Plays
  • Stanford Motion-Zone Offense
  • T-Game Triple-Post Offense
  • Attacking the 3-2 Zone
  • Attacking the 1-2-2 Zone
  • Attacking the 1-3-1 Zone Defense
  • 4-Out Zone Offense and Zone Plays
  • 5-Out Zone Offense
  • Attacking the Box-and-1 Defense


  • Man-to-Man Pressure Defense
  • Basic Man Defense Principles
  • Pack Line Defense
  • Bob Kloppenburg’s SOS Pressure Defense
  • Defending the Pick and Roll
  • Defending Without Fouling
  • Rick Torbett’s Dynamic Defense
  • Principles of Zone Defense
  • 2-3 Zone Defense
  • Al Marshall’s 2-3 Zone
  • Buzz – Twilight Zone
  • Circle Defense
  • 1-3-1 Zone Defense
  • 1-2-2 and 3-2 Zone Defenses
  • Amoeba Defense
  • SWARM Defense
  • Point-Zone Defense
  • Zone Rebounding
  • Match-Up Zone Defense
  • 1-3-1 Match-Up Zone
  • Viking 1-2-2 Half Court Press
  • 2-2-1 Half Court Press
  • Junk Defenses
  • Triangle Defense
  • Last Second Defense

Key Components of Transition, Uptempo and Press Offenses

  • Transition offense
  • Concepts for Playing Fast – Score Early and Often
  • Attacking the press
  • Press offenses – press breakers
  • Secondary breaks

Basketball Drill Categories

  • Partner Drills
  • Ball-handling and dribbling drills
  • Passing drills
  • Shooting drills
  • Offensive drills
  • Full-court transition offense-defense drills
  • Defensive drills
  • Rebounding drills.
  • Player Development Drills
  • YouTube drill videos