Raising Basketball IQ Part 3 – What Causes Player Stupidity?

Raising Basketball IQ Part 3 Have you ever wondered why some players just do not seem to be able to grasp any concept that you teach, why do they always look dumbfounded when you are talking to them and end up doing the complete opposite of what you told them to do? Or better yet, […]

Raising Basketball IQ Part 1 – Habits

Basketball Habits by Coach Julia Allender Habits can either make or break players and ultimately decide the outcome of a basketball game. Coach Julia Allender shares her thoughts on developing a basketball IQ. [bctt tweet=”My intent is to raise the Basketball IQ of the player…then let them play the game.” username=”juliaallender”] There has been a […]

Post Game Processing Sheet

Post Game Processing Sheet by Erick Blasing Post game processing or the time period immediately following the game is an important window of opportunity for players to learn. Coach Erick Blasing shares a simple tool that he uses with his team to utilize this teaching time. I mentioned in my last post that one of […]

Princeton Offense Philosophy: 11 Rules

Princeton Offense Philosophy: 11 Basic Rules Basic Philosophy of Play If you can pass, dribble, and shoot well, you will always dictate to the defense what they do. If you can’t and are not fundamentally sound, they will dictate what you do. You must be able to dribble, pass and shoot, screen and cut – […]

Team Defense: Defending the paint vs Defending the Perimeter

Team Defense: Defending the paint vs Defending the Perimeter Team defense is a term used to describe the philosophy of a team’s defensive objectives. All teams try to make it difficult on an offense to score. There are different ways to accomplish that objective. Michael Asiffo shares his insights on team defense by separating teams […]