Pre-game Preparation Sheets

Pre-game Preparation Sheets by Erick Blasing

Pre-game preparation is something that every coach considers, but how many of us actually have a tangible strategy? Coach Blasing has put together a tool for coaches that want to have an objective measurement to prepare for game.

I am really excited to start sharing on Basketball Insight! Coach has put together a fantastic site that really helps coaches connect and share daily. I hope to contribute some value to you and your teams. The 2015-16 season was my first as a Boys Varsity Assistant at Baraboo, WI High School. Prior to Baraboo, I was Head Boys Coach for Sparta, WI from 2011-2015. Today I wanted to share some pre-game mental preparation sheets that we did as a program in 2014. I will be following this up soon with the post-game processing sheets as well. A huge shout out to Josh Metcalf and Jamie Gilbert as these sheets are a part of their Train to Be Clutch Program. I am currently reading their book, “Burn Your Goals” and can not wait to implement some of their ideas in my training sessions and team work. Enjoy!


Their process, that I hope to share some with you over the next few posts, is directing people to transformational leadership and increasing mental preparation for life.

Please check out their site for more information on everything clutch…

During the 14-15 season as a team we spent time pre-game as a team with no noise and used a simple visualization process to prepare for that night’s games. Following our quiet time, the players would each receive one of the attached pre-game preparation sheets to help process their thoughts. This is something that we practiced and worked on prior to using this in a game setting. Following time for the players to work on the sheets we would go into our pre-game preparations and matchups for the night. Finally, we would read our team creed as a squad before taking the floor.

With an extremely young team that year, (6 sophomores out of 10 varsity players), we struggled early with pre-game anxiety and early game miscues. We started this exercise about three games into the season and I noticed a huge difference as the season progressed. Our players became more prepared and focused for tip-off and really came together as a group off of the court as well.

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Pre-Post Play Focus by Jamie Gilbert





Check out this link for the Pre-Game Prep Sheets:

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